Asia & Dashing Paneer dish

The National Geographic BEE is quite a challenge, It is meant for 4th – 8th graders. Many years ago, my older son was interested, so we got interested and made sure his younger brother would participate – even though he wasn’t that interested.  It is always fun to look at maps and discover one new river or lake that was hidden somewhere.

As a part of Geography Club for 4th and 5th graders….I can’t believe we tried to cover the continent of Asia in 35 minutes today.  We traced the Ural Mountains, Himalayas and the Indus Valley along with the Aral Sea, Caspian Sea and the Arabian peninsula! Lake Baikal is the deepest lake and Yangtze river is the longest river in the world.

The Gobi desert and Taklamakan along with Taj Mahal along the river Yamuna and the sacred Ganges. The Terracotta warriors and the  Great wall of China followed by the languages and religions of China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Indochinese peninsula and the Phillipines. Well! even if the students still think Filipino is the religion of Phillipines….they definately know that Pashto and Dari are the languages of Afghanistan.

As usual, the day went by really fast and I had no time to cook, and everybody was hungry — a usual scenario at our house…I scan my fridge and find some roasted red peppers left over from yesterday, about a cup of paneer, tomatoes and frozen peas.

So here is the dish – cooking time 8 – 10 minutes.. You can have it with toasted Pita, whole wheat buns or roti.

So, I put everything  I have ( paneer, peas and roasted red peppers) on a saute pan and blend them together with an addition of  about 1 teaspoon of all spices (haldi, salt and garam masala ) …..


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