Simply Daal

Fresh Daal is simply delicious! There are many different kinds of Daal. The yellow daals – the split daals are my favorite, Moong dal is the quickest to cook,  while Toor dal and Chana dal take longer to cook. 

Daal in all its glory

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Asia & Dashing Paneer dish

The National Geographic BEE is quite a challenge, It is meant for 4th – 8th graders. Many years ago, my older son was interested, so we got interested and made sure his younger brother would participate – even though he wasn’t that interested.  It is always fun to look at maps and discover one new river or lake that was hidden somewhere.

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Making Paneer ( cheese)

The other day, I was making paneer and didn’t have enough lemons, so I substituted some Oranges instead, the results were simply Orangelicious.

Fresh concoction of orange and lemon juice
Fresh concoction of orange and lemon juice

Paneer is the king/queen of North Indian vegetarian cooking. It was apparent to me, when I was in Delhi for a cousin’s wedding, many years ago. The appetizers comprised three kinds of crispy paneer items, then the main meal had three dishes soley dedicated to paneer, a dry paneer dish with peas, a soupy dish of paneer and potatoes and another paneer dish with cashews.

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