Betty’s Farina dumplings

As a new cook, it was fun to discover new recipes. I tried Betty’s Guacamole, Farina dumplings and the Irish soda bread. I even tried her naan recipe, which turned out good enough to impress my other friends from India. However, I kept making Betty’s Roman Farina dumplings again and again. It was something about… Continue reading Betty’s Farina dumplings

GO S..SIP Masala Chai

Gossip and sipping tea go hand in hand. I remember, as a kid hanging around in the background trying to eavesdrop on some juicy gossip. It always intrigued me how people were so pleasant to each other when they actually met, but they had all this juicy stuff to talk about them, when they were not around.… Continue reading GO S..SIP Masala Chai

Shchi – Cooking with Dill and Dil

Yesterday, I made a dish from my dil ( heart) with dill (herb). It seems to go well with the tanginess of citrus fruits or sour cream. Intending to make a beet casserole with a sour cream based dressing, I ended up making Shchi, a traditional Russian cabbage soup. It was simply delicious!

Quiz on Europe: A Pakora for the answer

I made Pakoras for the students in the Geography Club. It is usually a good way of introducing them to spices and talking about India and other landmarks. However, today we were talking about Europe, and I was feeling under weather, so I could not raise my voice. How does one get attention without raising… Continue reading Quiz on Europe: A Pakora for the answer