Squash Blossom – Dolmas

I made Squash Blossom – Dolmas today! Thanks to my friend who plucked 50 blossoms from her garden and a suggestion by Ronit Penso of Tasty Eats. They were super delicious and easy to make. It reminded me of the time, we soccer moms stood around the  kitchen counter making samosas for a fundraiser!  Dolmas would be fun to make in a group, they would be healthier and quicker to make too… maybe next time.

All I did was, wash the blossoms, fill them with the rice filling, fold them, arrange them in a baking tray with a drizzle of oil and bake them at 400 F for about 20 minutes till the edges turned crisp.  As for the filling, I added chopped Parsely & Mint ( 4 – 6 tbsp), Lemon juice ( 3 – 4 Tbsp), Red pepper flakes ( 2 Tbsp) and Sesame oil ( 2 Tbsp) to about 2 cups of cooked Basmati rice.


I baked some of the Blossoms plain, and they were good too, nice and crisp. Either way, a good Appetizer….






Pampushki — Street food in Eastern Europe

Pampushki is fun to say and eat. It is another gem of a snack, I found in a cookbook. It is a delicious form of a potato cutlet, except it is round in shape and has a filling in the center. The first time I made it with cottage cheese at the center, it was delicious and everyone loved it but it was messy and oily as the filling decided to make an appearance at the surface. So, this time again, while making it for geography club, I put in slices of firmer cheese – in fact homemade paneer. The process turned out to be smooth, mess free and everybody seemed to like it just the same especially with the dipping sauce made by beating sour cream and hungarian paprika on the side.

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Betty’s Farina dumplings

Roman Farina dumplings

As a new cook, it was fun to discover new recipes. I tried Betty’s Guacamole, Farina dumplings and the Irish soda bread. I even tried her naan recipe, which turned out good enough to impress my other friends from India.

However, I kept making Betty’s Roman Farina dumplings again and again. It was something about the texture, taste, comfort and the ease of making them. Then we moved so many times, that I didn’t even remember where I had put the cookbook. Finally, a few days ago I found the book again, it looked fine except the first page was torn by my then six-month-old baby and a few stains here and there. Continue reading “Betty’s Farina dumplings”

Quiz on Europe: A Pakora for the answer

Today, I dragged myself into the car, and the car into the school for the Geography Club. The roads were slippery and I was all clogged up. What can I say? Other than… It was well worth the effort! I mistakenly thought, today was snack day.

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