Sweet Potato – Daal Soup

sweet potato soup
Here are all the ingredients!

I made this soup for the Indian dinner at the Creperie tonight, it was flavorful, sweet, salty, and creamy with just a touch of ginger and cayenne pepper. And happens to be Vegan too! No wonder it was a hit at the dinner. Continue reading “Sweet Potato – Daal Soup”

Instant “Kichdi” Soup

What does one do with a plethora of fresh green onion tops ?  Having no patience for blanching and freezing, I decided to chop them and dehydrate them in the lowest temperature in my oven for about 5 hours. Now that I have green powder, I wanted to make a delicious, wholesome soup  mix,  the Instant kind, that can be cooked by just pouring hot water… When it comes to wholesome food, nothing like a combination of rice and dal ( carbohydrates and protein).. So here goes!!! Continue reading “Instant “Kichdi” Soup”

A Bowl of Aamti

Kokum spice – sun-dried kokum fruit ( adds a tangy flavor )

Aamti is daal seasoned a little differently… or so I learned at Sujatha’s Kitchen. I was introduced to Kokum – (sun-dried Kokum fruit) that adds a tangy flavor to the daal. After adding the special Goda Masala.… The seasoning is a teaspoon of mustard seeds in hot oil with a pinch hing  and 4-5 curry leaves…..Off course this is in addition to the regular addition of – roasted onions and diced tomatoes

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Simply Daal

Fresh Daal is simply delicious! There are many different kinds of Daal. The yellow daals – the split daals are my favorite, Moong dal is the quickest to cook,  while Toor dal and Chana dal take longer to cook. 

Daal in all its glory

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