June 5th Indian Dinner for a Cause

A Benefit for Diego’s (our soccer coach’s) family

A fundraising site that has been set up to them.

Eggplant rice with spinach sauce, Daal Soup and Dosas “Crepes and flat breads from India” with potatoes & chutney, and a chicken dish.

 Freshly and healthy made, from scratch with mostly organic ingredients and Dosas are hot off the Griddle On June 5th 6 PM – 8 PM


Basmati rice with sauted eggplant, cashews, coconut, tamarind and other spices

Butter Chicken Masala
Cubed chicken simmered in a mild spicy, tomato based masala with cardamom and cashews

Daal  Soup
Pink lentils( Masoor dal) seasoned with onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes & butter

Palak Paneer
Spinach & tomato sauce seasoned with onions, garlic, ginger with homemade cheese

Jeera Rice
Basmati rice seasoned with Cumin

Boondi Raita
Plain Yogurt seasoned with gram flour,cumin and salt

Plain Dosa 
Dosa with coconut-cilantro chutney

Dosa with Alu –
Dosa with a spiced potatoes on the side and chutney

Dosa – Crepes from India
The batter is a blend of brown rice and Urad dal (white lentils). It is gluten free

Drink – Chai Tea
Freshly made hot, creamy, fragrant with black tea, fresh cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and enough sugar to bring out the spice flavor.

Dessert – Gajar Halwa
Freshly grated carrots cooked in creamy milk, flavored with fresh cardamom and enough sugar

You can have it all for $27.00

To make a Reservation contact Ish at Cookingwithish@gmail.com or call/text 490-1146

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