Simple ….Garam Masala

Whenever people tell me that they find it intimidating to use spices, I am reminded of “Garam Masala” and turmeric;  the oxygen of my mother’s cooking. Every dish started out with half a teaspoon of turmeric in the beginning and ended with a sprinkle of about 2 teaspoons of Garam Masala, be it Daal, a vegetable side dish or a Pulao – Rice dish.

She enjoyed cooking for friends and strangers alike. Cooking for 50 – 100 people was not that hard for her, I would help her by chopping veggies, seasonings and frying the bread (pooris). But when I think of her cooking everything in just one pressure cooker and one deep dish Kadai – wok… I am amazed at how little we actually need! And how simple life can be…

“Never use the store bought blends! Never know what else they might add” she always said suspiciously. She would dry the Turmeric in the sun and get it ground in the neighborhood mill. As for the Garam Masala she made it at home, as and when needed…

1/2 C Coriander
1/4 C Cumin
1/8 C green Cardamom + black Cardamom
1 T BLACK pepper
1 T Fennel
5-6 2″ Cinnamom sticks
10-12 Cloves

Blend, Roast & Grind

And Garam Masala is ready!!!

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