Kashmiri Pulao – A rice dish with veggies, nuts & fruit

Kashmiri Pulao is a rice dish with a difference. It has veggies, crunchy nuts, crunchy onions, saffron and fruit.  Everybody likes nuts but nobody at home likes raisins, not even, if it makes an authentic Kashmiri pulao. So I made my pulao without raisins. As for fruits, I did not want to add apple, pineapple or grapes (that are usually added), but took a chance with some pomegranate and it turned out just fine in fact quite different from other kinds of pulao, that I have made before.

Another thing I did different was  to prepare a broth and use it  instead of water to make the Pulao. The broth was simmered with spices for about 12 – 15 minutes and that added a nice flavorful touch.

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A Bowl of Aamti

Aamti is daal seasoned a little differently… or so I learned at Sujatha’s Kitchen. I was introduced to Kokum – (sun-dried Kokum fruit) that adds a tangy flavor to the daal. After adding the special Goda Masala.… The seasoning is a teaspoon of mustard seeds in hot oil with a pinch hing  and 4-5 curry… Continue reading A Bowl of Aamti

Masale Bhaat from Sujatha’s kitchen

What a treat to learn something new? I had a fabulous time at Sujatha’s kitchen. She was the perfect hostess and had prepared all of her cooking ingredients beforehand: every vegetable was chopped, the spices deftly measured, the rice and daal washed, soaked and ready to be cooked. She subsequently demonstrated the cooking process of Masale bhaat… Continue reading Masale Bhaat from Sujatha’s kitchen

A touch of Goda Masala

My Vegetable Makhani – (beans, carrots and cauliflower simmered in cashew milk ,tomatoes and a blend of spices) was rather bland. And I was going to be serving it to 40 people at a formal dinner. I tried adding extra coriander, coconut and cumin, but to no avail, something was still missing.

So, I added a touch of Goda Masala and lo-behold the dish magically transformed into a tasty dish with oodles of flavor. I finally ran out of my little stock of Goda Masala, so I made my own following Sujatha’s recipe..

Recipe ~

2 1/2 C Coriander seeds
1 C   Cumin
1 C  dry red chillies
1/2 C shredded coconut
1/4 C Sesame
2 -3 Bay leaves
1 t Black Pepper
1 t Black Cardamom
1 t Cinnamom sticks
1 t Black cumin
1 t Hing
I t Poppy seeds ( brown)
1 t Fenugreek seeds
1 t Mustard seeds ( black)
1 t Cloves

Roasted spice blend
Crush them in a dry grinder

Dry roast all the spices separately for 1 – 3 minutes

Blend them together and let cool

Crush them in a coffee grinder




I plan on using this Goda Masala in the chicken dish and the rice dish that I will be making for the dinner at the Creperie on the 12th of September.

My next post will be about –  Sujatha’s kitchen &  her delicious Masale  Bhaat ( rice dish) and Aamti ( daal).

Dosas with Whey( left from making paneer) or buttermilk/coconut milk….

What do you do with the whey left over from making paneer or homemade cheese? Make Dosas !                             You can buy the flours or make your own. I like to grind my own. Today I am grinding brown rice, 7 grain… Continue reading Dosas with Whey( left from making paneer) or buttermilk/coconut milk….

Pampushki — Street food in Eastern Europe

Pampushki is fun to say and eat. It is another gem of a snack, I found in a cookbook. It is a delicious form of a potato cutlet, except it is round in shape and has a filling in the center. The first time I made it with cottage cheese at the center, it was… Continue reading Pampushki — Street food in Eastern Europe

June 5th Indian Dinner for a Cause

A Benefit for Diego’s (our soccer coach’s) family A fundraising site that has been set up to them. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/hope-for-a-little-one-s-heart-carroll-rivas-family/353504#.VVSqADtqsYo.facebook Eggplant rice with spinach sauce, Daal Soup and Dosas “Crepes and flat breads from India” with potatoes & chutney, and a chicken dish.  Freshly and healthy made, from scratch with mostly organic ingredients and Dosas are hot… Continue reading June 5th Indian Dinner for a Cause

Indian Dinner for Nepal…… on May 15th was a success

It just felt like a huge family party at home, where everyone was having a good time. Except that, there were 40 people………. Here was the Menu for May 15th Lemon Rice – Rice dish seasoned with mustard seeds, tumeric, lemon juice and cashews Raita – Yoghurt blended with grated cucumber, cilantro and garam masala. Chicken Masala– Chicken cubes… Continue reading Indian Dinner for Nepal…… on May 15th was a success

El Salvadorian Cake takes care of Central America

One day, As we continued on our journey of North America, I took along an El Salvadorian quesadilla cake. It is a rich breakfast cake, more like a pound cake that doesn’t look or taste anything like a “quesadilla.” It has rice flour, sour cream and salty cheese. So, it is sweet, sour, salty and… Continue reading El Salvadorian Cake takes care of Central America

Making Dosas at the Creperie

My very first time cooking “Indian food” at the Creperie! I was nervous and excited at the same time. It was Liz’s idea. Dr Liz Gundersen works at Exploration works and I have know her for years because of Robotics. So she talked with Jeff, owner of the Creperie and we decided to do our… Continue reading Making Dosas at the Creperie